owns of Colombia's southwestern Cauca region. Police said that the soldier died in one of the first attacks in Suarez municipality, where FARC members launched explosive devices a.

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31 (Xinhua) -- Taking into account that road transport is responsible for 18 percent of all carbon emissions caused by human activities, out of 24 percent of the total due to tra.

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he drugs into the country. All 12 arrived aboard a private flight, said officials, adding a member of the group was visibly nervous when passing through immigration, leading airpo.

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ree to be assassinated on a set date of October twenty-fifth nineteen sixty-eight," one of the letters said. "The Kennedy residence must be well protected on that date." BRASILIA.

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tains solidarity with Moscow and has brought relative calm to the volatile region, which has made him the target of rebels. OTTAWA, April 29 (Xinhua) -- Canada on Friday strongly c.

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of Trade, Anabel Gonzalez, and Communications Minister Francisco Chacon. Chinchilla arrived in Lima Saturday with her husband, Jose Rico, to attend a private social event. Peruvia .

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o City plans to link the tenure tax on vehicle owners to the autos' pollution levels and channel more of the proceeds into public transport, Mexican broadcasters said on Thursday.

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n the region, a total of 18,394 new and resale houses and condos sold, down 17.4 percent from 22, 270 in May 2010, according to La Jolla-based MDA DataQuick, based in La Jolla, S.

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e stretch, George W. Bush held 49 events, drawing complaints from Democrats. The White House, however, denied the accusation. Obama's Press Secretary Jay Carney said during his da.

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