ps if North Korea goes through with this provocation, and we continue to urge countries that have influence on North Korea to work to persuade North Korea to consider a different.

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." State climatologist and Texas A&M University professor John Nielsen-Gammon said the current drought is the state's second or third worst drought in the past 120 years in durati.

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am Oracle and Team Breitling with David Martin. The event also featured military demonstrations performed by the Air Force Heritage Flight, the U.S. Coast Guard MH65C Dolphin Helic.

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and signed a 9-point agreement that allows Zelaya his "safe return" to Tegucigalpa and the restoration of his political and civil rights. This also facilitates the country's re-e.

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come breaking all the diplomatic laws. How can he be ambassador? He will be rejected," Chavez said on that occasion. Relations between Venezuela and the United States worsened af.

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in major California cities like Los Angeles and San Diego rocking back and forth. There was no immediate report of casualties or damage, Los Angeles police said. According to the U .

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luggish economic growth and stubbornly high unemployment rate, U.S. President Barack Obama unveiled the jobs plan on Sept. 8, including measures like payroll tax cuts for employe.

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nancial relationship has not grown as trade in recent years. He said that in 2009, 17 percent of direct investment in China was destined to Latin America and the Caribbean, and in.

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sunamis. HAVANA, April 19 (Xinhua) -- Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro hailed his friendship with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and voiced his admiration to Chavez, local media.

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